Creating change together

Collaborating in the discovery, design and delivery of services and interventions that make a difference.

Grow your mindset, skillset and toolkit: Engage, discover, design and deliver

Break through barriers in thinking and practice to work in genuine partnership and create change

Experiment with problem solving and idea generation

Learn and discover – together

Experience real collaboration

Imagine a world in which collaborative problem solving and design is standard practice.

Imagine a world in which communities and services work as partners to co-create a strong and positive future.

In rapidly changing social, economic and political environments, the skill of adapting is critical for success.

This requires us to:


  • Embrace diversity
  • Bring community to the table
  • Build local leadership and foster stewardship


  • Discover community aspirations, strengths and challenges
  • Ask the right questions with the right people in the right way
  • Get to the heart of the issue or opportunity


  • Create an enabling an environment for innovation
  • Challenge assumptions and re-frame challenges in human-centric ways to identify alternative strategies and approaches to complex issues
  • Build an integrated response aligned under a shared vision for change


  • Strengthen and align strategy, leadership and governance
  • Deliver effective services that can make a measurable difference
  • Learn in real time about service impact – so you can build on what works

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